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Complete Reconditioning of Damaged Vehicles

We have been serving the people of Cornwall and Eastern Ontario since 1994.

Your Trusted Collision Repair Shop in Cornwall

Select Autobody specializes in damaged car inspection for insurance quotes, reconditioning and collision repair in Cornwall and surrounding areas. With over 60 years of experience and solid knowledge, our skilled team will repair and paint your vehicle, whether monocoque or traditional. We work hard and with great pride to achieve results that meet the high expectations of our customers. From chassis straightening to digital color reproduction, we guarantee precision and quality every time! Contact us.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Just because an insurance contract is paying for your vehicle repair, that doesn’t mean you should be unhappy with the results. With us, you will benefit from personalized services to make your vehicle like new again for everything from body repairs to exact color reproduction using advanced software!

We Tell You Everything

We know that an accident is a traumatic event. That's why we have developed a complete process from vehicle inspection to delivery, where you are informed of all the details including what repairs are being made and how the costs are calculated. Because there are no hidden costs, our informative approach reduces the stress associated with accident repairs. 

Red Car

A Precise Evaluation of the Insurance Mandate

We use Audatex insurance software to provide you with the most accurate quote. Better knowledge of the costs is in your interest as well as the insurer’s. An accurate evaluation will avoid unnecessary costs when it’s time for the insurer to adjust your premium.


Guaranteed Repair Work

As a member of CertifiedFirst Network, we are authorized to offer a warranty from one-year to life on all work we do, including mechanical repair and finishing work. 

Going the Extra Mile to Serve You Better

Our team members constantly keep their knowledge up to date through seminars and courses. This is how we systematically stay ahead of the competition and offer our customers unsurpassed quality.

Associations and Certifications

I-CAR (Training and Certification)

Precise and Reliable Equipment

We achieve exact color reproduction with our software and paint products.


Get Your Vehicle Back Fast

Our specialists work quickly and efficiently at the shop to restore your vehicle.

Effective Repair Work

We achieve exact color reproduction with our software and paint products.

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