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Car Garage in Cornwall: High Quality Repairs and Finishing

Our Vehicle Repair Center

When doing business with Select Autobody, rest assured that your damaged vehicle will be repaired in a garage designed according to the customers’ needs. In our workshop, we carry out a large number of mechanical repairs related to the vehicle’s structure and aesthetics.

Three Separate Areas - Comprehensive Services

Our 5000 sq. ft. workshop is divided into three areas:

  • The rear is reserved for disassembly, waiting and preparation, and mechanical repairs.

  • In the center is a closed and separate one-way zone: this is the area where painting work is done.

  • The front is for vehicle washing and reassembly, and is where any final parts are installed.

White car

Ensuring Quality

Our working method allows us to protect the quality of the work, for example by preventing dust from settling on freshly painted vehicles. In addition, an electronic purifier ensures a high quality finish. Throughout the process, the vehicle stays indoors for security reasons.

Take advantage of our expertise! Call us for an appointment.

From Inspection to Finishing

We handle insurance mandates to recondition damaged vehicles!

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